Buy the music of Faiyen

Support the artists in exile!

Since 2014, the band Faiyen have been forced to live in exile, first in Laos, but now in France. They have given up everything to continue making music to support the cause of Thai freedom.

Faiyen (ไฟเย็น) means “cold fire.” The idea is that first there is no fire, but then as you work at it, from a few sparks, suddenly a fire is burning. You can buy their music at At Bandcamp, for a small donation, you can buy albums or individual songs. Support the artists, who are also refugees who had to flee the country they love because of Thailand’s barbaric lese majesty law, which outlaws any negative statement against the King, Queen, or heir apparent. This non-crime carries a 3 to 15 years sentence PER NEGATIVE STATEMENT!!! Larger donations will help them survive in exile.

The album “Songs by Some of Our Comrades” is the best place to start. HERE IS A REVIEW AND TRANSLATED PLAYLIST. I also highly recommend the new song Aung San Suu Kyi, sung in English to raise awareness of an ongoing genocide of the Rohingya people of Myanmar.

If you have been wondering what the English-speaking part of the world can do to support the fight for free speech and democracy in Thailand, this is it!!! Enjoy cutting-edge world music while helping a band continue their work, calling out the “unmentionable” important topics for discussion.

Help us get a fire going.