Album “Songs from Some of Our Comrades”

Faiyen’s album “Songs from One of Our Comrades, Part I” contains Faiyen (ไฟเย็น) covers of a wide variety of pro-democracy and revolutionary anthems from Thailand and around the world. This album is the best place to start for English-speakers interested in Thai protest music. The songs are varied, most are instantly accessible, and some are completely addictive, including two old standards (ฟ้าใหม่ “A New Sky” and บทเพลงของสามัญชน “Song of the Commoner”) covered in exuberant double tempo. Americans will immediately recognize two songs. One is “Hanging Tree” an adaptation of a song from the movie “The Hunger Games.” The other, a Thai version of “Do You Hear the People Sing” from the musical Les Miserables, is worth the price of the album. You will also get to sample more traditionally Thai musical styles. The emotion in “The Last Letter” and แสงดาวแห่งศรัทธา “Starlight of Confidence” will bring tears to your eyes. Be the first of your friends to be downloading and enjoying Thai pro-democracy songs! The album “Songs from One of Our Comrades, Part 1” or “บทเพลงของมิตรสหายท่านหนึ่ง ภาค 1”, released June 19, 2016, can be purchased at Bandcamp for a small donation of $7.00 or more that will help the artists in exile (see them, and they will look you in the eyes, in the soulful music video for เพื่อนเอย “Oh My Friends.”) Below is the playlist linked to the translations at this site.

1. บทเพลงของสามัญชน Song of the Commoner 04:32

2. STATUS QUO 03:44

3. ต้นมะขามสนามหลวง The Tamarind Tree at Sanam Luang (The Hanging Tree) 05:05

4. ได้ยินผู้คนร้องเพลงไหม? Do You Hear the People Sing (feat. Ardisto เดอะภารโรง) 01:57

5. แองเตอร์นาซิอองนาล 04:19

6. The Last Letter 04:36

7. เพื่อนเอย Oh My Friends 03:08

8. ฟ้าใหม่ A New Sky 03:25

9. สหาย 03:25

10. พอกันที Enough Already 04:00

11. ศิษย์เก่าราชประสงค์ The Alumni of Ratchaprasong 03:46

12. อหังการแห่งเสรีชน (feat. จิ้น กรรมาชน) 03:40

13. แสงดาวแห่งศรัทธา Starlight of Confidence 04:09