New Death Threat against Faiyen Band, คำขู่ไฟเย็นครั้งนี้น่ากลัวมาก July 7, 2019

The entire death threat:
Pictures 1 and 2

Person threatening: This is a warning. If you do not surrender, you will be captured and killed immediately. Our unit has already reached your group’s location. At this moment, we have sent a special task force unit to monitor [your movement] every day. If you do not surrender, our unit will capture you and kill you immediately. We come to negotiate, because we have sent a special professional task force to monitor you. If you think you can escape, escape. If you escape tonight or tomorrow, we will kill you at the site. Because you are a threat to the national security. If you want to survive, we will negotiate with the authority (…) to arrest you for illegally entry and will process with a document to return you to Thailand. Tonight, we are ready to negotiate. We will send you the appointment later.

Picture 3
Yammy Faiyen:
Are you a soldier or murderer?
Think for yourself, you can choose who you will be.
We did nothing to you.
Please let us go.
Please let time solve the problem by itself.

Pictures 4 and 5.
Person threatening: It’s unnecessary. I already told you I come to negotiate. If you want peace, come out and negotiate and you will know who I am. Whether I am a murderer or a soldier you will surely be captured because our unit was searching for you in Laos before we could get a clue of where you were and get a green light to capture and kill you. If you don’t want to die, this evening the village police will go to capture you for illegal entry.
You have three choices.
First, send someone to negotiate with us.
Second, die without a clue of who did it.
Third, be arrested for illegally entering the country.
We have a green light.