National Day song “June 24” (เพลงวันชาติ ๒๔ มิถุนายน)

Note: June 24 is Thailand’s National Day, like American Independence Day, a few weeks later. On June 24, 1932, a group of military officers and civil servants, in a nearly bloodless transition, presented an ultimatum to the Thai King Prajadhipok, telling him that absolute monarchy was over but that he could stay as a constitutional monarch. At first the king accepted this, saying that he had been meaning to implement such a change himself, but then he abdicated 3 years later, left Thailand for Europe, and never returned. With the American and Thai National Days coming so close together, more than one of the American Thai activists has remarked on the fact that Thais longer celebrate their own National Day, and may not remember the National Day song translated for you below. June 24 was once a day celebrated as the first step towards democracy in Thailand, but this piece of history no longer fits with current propaganda about the essential role of the monarchy in Thailand. (For a song saying that the King Prajadhipok gave Thais democracy, see Add Carabao’s “Kings of Democracy”.)

24 มิถุนายนมหาศรีสวัสดิ์
June 24. Great honor and happiness
The beginning of the Thai Constitution
The start of a civilized system of democracy
ทั่วราษฎรไทย ได้สิทธิเสรี
All the Thai population get their rights and freedom
สำราญ สำเริง รื่นเริง เต็มที่
Gleeful, exhilarated, joyful to the max
Because our nation has complete sovereignty
ไทยจะคงเป็นไท ด้วยร่วมใจเทิดไทย ชโย
Thais will always be free, with all hearts come together to lift up Thailand. Chai-yo! [Hurray!]

ชาติประเทศเหมือนชีวา ราษฎร์ประชาเหมือนร่างกาย
The nation is like life. The citizens are like the body.
If life is deceased, the body becomes waste.
All of us must come together to love and protect abundant Thailand
And let the Constitution remain a twin of Thailand
We can give up our bodies and lives.
But never give up the nation of Thailand, never be willing to give up!
ไทยจะคงเป็นไทย ด้วยร่วมใจเทิดไทย ชโย
Thais will always remain free/independent. With all hearts combined to worship and uphold Thailand. Chai-yo! [Hurray!]