Thai National Anthem เพลงชาติไทย

Melody by Phra Chenduriyang (Peter Feit), Lyrics by Luang Saranupraphan

“เพลงชาติไทย” “Thai National Anthem” (formerly เพลงชาติสยาม “Siam National Anthem”) has its origin in the Siam Revolution of 1932, and so it is appropriate to catalogue it here at Music of Thai Freedom. The melody is by Phra Chenduriyang (Peter Feit), whose father was a German-American immigrant to Thailand and mother was Mon-Thai. He lived his entire life in Thailand and identified as 100% Thai. The lyrics of เพลงชาติสยาม “Siam National Anthem” were written by Sanga Kanchanakphan aka Khun Wichitmatra. They are very similar to the current lyrics. When the name of the country was changed from Siam to Thailand in 1939, a contest was held to write new lyrics, and Luang Saranupraphan won the contest. [Researched using Wikipedia]

Below is my re-translation of the lyrics (not an official translation; does not completely match the video)

Thailand brings together the flesh and blood of the Thai people
เป็นประชารัฐ ไผทของไทยทุกส่วน
It’s is the people’s state, the land of every Thai
Who have been able to maintain it all in its entirety [for so long]
ด้วยไทยล้วนหมาย รักสามัคคี
With all Thais intending love and loyalty
ไทยนี้รักสงบ แต่ถึงรบไม่ขลาด
Thais here love peace, but if war comes [we] are not cowards
[Our] sovereignty won’t allow anyone to oppress [us]
[We’ll] sacrifice every drop of blood to be an offering to the nation
เถลิงประเทศชาติไทยทวี มีชัย ชโย
Ascend, country of the Thai people, multiplicatively! Victory! Chai-yoh! [Hip Hip Hurray]!

Interestingly เพลงชาติไทย “Thai National Anthem” is considered only one half of the Thai national anthem, the other half being the Royal Anthem, titled สรรเสริญพระบารมี or “Glorify His Prestige.” The song สรรเสริญพระบารมี or “Glorify His Prestige” used to BE the National Anthem from 1888 to 1932. It is posted at Music of Thai Freedom only for reference.