Faiyen Emergency! Can You Help these political refugees?

[In the wake of the kidnapping and disappearance of 3 refugees accused of lese majesty, we urgently need your help to protect the remaining refugees who we must asume are still being hunted. Translated letter from Junya Yimprasert]:

As one group of people who bravely challenge the dictatorship in order to overthrow the parasites sucking the strength from the people, I give you the band Faiyen, a team who had to flee together to a country neighboring Thailand just after the coup in 2014.

They all chose to leave Thailand in order to work, presenting their art, songs, thoughts, and criticism in an area that “one would think” would be safer than in Thailand.

But it didn’t turn out to be all that safe, and those people were very courageous to continue working in an atmosphere of constant fear and apprehension, never quitting the fight.

These guys produce music of social criticism that is current, clear, and to the point, a body of work which now amounts to many tens of songs

These guys continuously make programs using various social media platforms, almost every day.

These people eat poorly and insufficiently, but never grumble because their life isn’t for eating; it’s for changing Thailand.

These many people are part of a campaign, a movement for democracy which had been going on in Thailand for a very long time before it was decided to take it outside the country.

Right now, all of them are at risk of being kidnapped and disappeared, just like their many refugee friends and comrades wanted for [the “crime” of] lese majesty, as wiping them out at all levels is the aim of the military dictatorship.

Right now they will probably need to devote quiet a bit of resources to finance the problem of their safety.

These people resisting the coup are a group of individuals who I greatly respect and believe in.

If you, brothers and sisters, would like to do a good deed at this time, please consider the band Faiyen and your brothers and sisters who are at risk of being wiped out in a neighboring country [to Thailand], and they would thank you so much.

We have to raise funds to help our friends in the group Faiyen, and their many comrades accused of lese majesty.

Please support Faiyen according to your ability, following the details below.

Thanks you so much,

Junya Yimprasert

Send to the PayPal account of
Trairong Sinseubpol
email : trirong1964@gmail.com
OR use: https://www.paypal.me/faiyen
Or go download the songs of the group Faiyen [at Bandcamp and give a donation] through

Below is a demo of one of their songs, “O Friends” (There is also a young woman in the band.) Look in the index at Music of Thai Freedom for more of their excellent songs.