Help us #SaveFaiyen !

One of the reasons I started Music of Thai Freedom website was to make the band Faiyen visible to the world. I had hoped this would protect them from forced disappearances and assassinations. Now they hear that they will be killed by the same team that killed Surachai Saedan, Gasalong, and Puchana (as in the song “Who Killed Surachai?” at this site. And so we a #SaveFaiyen campaign was started to get them asylum in France BEFORE they are assassinated. In the picture below, Khoontong Faiyen helps Siam Teerawut learn his bass part. Siam Teerawut (or Khaoneow Mamuang) disappeared along with comrades who by the names Sanam Luang and Young Blood after reportedly being arrested in Vietnam for using fake passports to try to escape Laos, where they were being hunted. Khoontong and other members of the Faiyen band are still alive. UNHCR needs to send a team to Laos to get them out NOW!