Junta Anthem Update


Note is CREDIT Andrew MacGregor Marshall: “Bangkok resident Yan Marchal has been forced to delete a viral video mocking the Thai junta, after being visited by police.

They made him sign a form admitting that he made a “mockery clip” and saying that he is now “repenting for the bad action and will not do it again”. The form also says he “would like to say sorry to the government and people of Thailand”.

The video he posted can be viewed here. It changes the lyrics of a junta anthem to criticise the dishonesty and corruption of the government. It contains no illegal statements, and there was no justification for police becoming involved.

The video went viral, getting more than a million views in just a few days.

You can read Yan’s account of what happened here: https://www.facebook.com/marchal/posts/10157459597369388

Thai dictator Prayut Chan-ocha claims that Thailand is now a democracy after elections held in March.

But in a democracy, people have the right to mock their leaders without being visited by police.

It’s pathetic that the junta is so afraid of some inoffensive mockery that they send police to deal with it. Democracy remains far distant in Thailand.”

General Prayut’s original Returning Happiness to Thailand คืนความสุขให้ประเทศไทย is posted and translated here at Music of Thai Freedom, for reference.