จากลานโพธิ์ถึงภูพาน From Laan Pho to Phu Paan

By วัฒน์ วรรยางกูร Wat Wanlayangkoon

Note: The author recently wrote a long explanation of this song attached below: “‘Laan Pho’ is an area at Thammasat University, Bangkok, the capital of Thailand It is a place where students protested against dictatorship in 1976. . . .”

**ดินสอโดมธรรมศาสตร์ เด่นสู้ศึก
The pencil of the Dome of Thammasat rose to fight
ได้จารึก หนี้เลือด อันเดือดดับ
Having recorded the debt of extinguished angry blood
6 ตุลา เพื่อนเรา ล่วงลับ
October 6th, our friends passed away
มันแค้นคับ เดือดระอุ อกคุไฟ
Resentment boils, smoldering in our chests

We had only empty hands; they encircled and attacked
ระเบิดบาป กระสุนบ้า มาสาดใส่
Sinful bombs, mad bullets came spraying in
เสียงเหมือนแตรงานศพ ซบสิ้นใจ
It sounded like a funeral horn, as they slumped and died
สนามหญ้าคลุ้งกลิ่นไอ คาวเลือดคน
The lawn filled with the pervasive odor of human blood

มันตามจับ ตามฆ่า ล่าถึง บ้าน
They tracked, arrested, and killed us, hunted us all the way to our homes
อ้างหลักฐาน จับเข้าคุก ทุกแห่งหน
Accusing and arresting us everywhere
เราอดทน ถึงที่สุด ก็สุดทน
We endured, until finally patience ran out
Thus, the path of our fight turned to head up Mount Pu Paan

The embrace of Phu Pann was a new life,
a University of Brave Ones,
who would topple and drive out dictators
Evil feudalists, don’t hope to rule us!

Fighting with guns, one must have guns to stand and hammer away
The party led, with the red sun lighting the way
Roaming battles led the people towards the golden sky
The Proletariat rumbled drums mightily

Today Laan Pho plaza at Thammasat
May be silent and inactive
It’s only a waiting for a new day
วันกองทัพ ประชาชนประกาศชัย
The day the People’s Army declares victory
We will return
slashing so that the blood of the hoodlums washes Laan Pho clean

* “. . . It was the end of the Cold War era. The Thai king was worried about the domino theory. The Communists were victorious in Indochina; and, Thai students favored socialism. Thus, the Thai king planned to create a situation to suppress and kill the students on October 6, 1976.

Dozens of students were killed. The authorities used weapons of war. Many students were beaten. Some were hung from tamarind trees and beaten. Some were burnt alive in tire fires. The attacker used wooden sticks to stab into the genitals of female students. More than three thousand surviving students were imprisoned.

This event made thousands of students and other people flee to seek shelter in mountainous areas throughout Thailand.

‘Phu Phaan’ is a mountain range at the intersection of many provinces of Thailand. I first took refuge in the Phuu Phaan forest on October 7, 1976. I was 21 years old when I wrote this song. It has been sung for over forty years.

In Thailand, we cannot say the truth––that the Thai monarchy and their regime are the ones who formulated plans to kill the students in the October 6 event, as well as in many subsequent massacres over the last four decades.

Thailand has a lèse majesté law, Article 112 of the Criminal Code, that makes it so citizens are unable to speak the truth about the royal family.
This is one of the reasons I had to take refuge in France in order to have the freedom to speak the truth.”

Wat Wanlayangkoon
18 September 2019
Exile home, Audincourt