We Are Friends Together เราคือเพื่อนกัน

Lyrics and melody by ชูเวช เดชดิษฐรักษ์ and ณัฐพงษ์ ภูแก้ว
Produced by Resistant Citizen

Note: This is a video released by Resistant Citizen in response to the defeat of the “Vote No” Campaign. About 61% of the 54% of the electorate who voted in the August 7, 2016 Referendum approved the the draft constitution written by a junta-selected committee. This constitution lacks solid human rights guarantees and features an appointed Senate that will allow the military to “guide” democracy for at least another 5 years. The constitution is about 300 pages long and no one other than the government was allowed to discuss at anytime leading up to the Referendum. The government summarized the constitution by saying its goal is to end corruption. Recommending a “No vote” or even wearing a “Vote No” T-shirt could get one 10 years in prison under the draconian Referendum Law, and many who attempted to campaign for “Vote No” were thrown in jail. And if this constitution were voted down, the junta was vowing to stay on and write another constitution, creating a depressing, no-win situation. August 8 was a sad day for Thailand’s pro-democracy activites, but most released statements like this one, vowing to fight on.

hàak ter dâai-yin sĭiang pleng ban-leng
If you hear the music playing
ter jong glàp bpai rîiak prâi pon
You must go back and call out the people’s troops
man keu tûuang-tam-nong kŏng săa-man chon
It is the tune of the commoner
kon tam-má-daa yàang rao
Ordinary people like us

hàak ter dâai-yin sĭiang glong grà-nàm
If you hear the drums banging
man keu sĭiang táo kŏng muuan chon
It’s the sound of the masses
grà-hèum dûuay raeng kŏng săy-ree chon
Resounding with joined strength of the free people
kon dtâi fáa diieow gan
People under one sky together

duuang daao yang bprà-gaai tor săeng
The stars still sparkle and shine
jà-ràt raeng yaam mêut mon bon fáa glai
Strong and bright in the dark times, in the sky far away
pòok jai rao rûuam bprà-săan
[They?] bond our hearts together
sàt-taa mân sôo tĕung wan ban-lú chai
With certain faith fighting until the day we attain victory

ปรบมือดังเสียงกลอง และป่าวร้องว่าไม่ยอมให้ผู้ใด
bpròp meu dang sĭiang glong láe bpàao róng wâa mâi yom hâi pôo dai
Clap your hands like drums, and proclaim, “We won’t yield to anyone”
มาทำร้ายลิดรอนสิทธิ์เสรี ที่เรามีตราบที่เรายังหายใจ
maa tam ráai lít ron sìt săy-ree têe rao mee dtràap têe rao yang hăai jai
They harm and deprive us of the rights and freedom that are ours as long as we breath
จับมือเดินก้าวไป เราคือเพื่อนกัน
jàp meu dern gâao bpai rao keu pêuuan gan
Clasp hands and walk on forward. We are friends.