Status Quo

Lyrics by Khun Opas; Music by Faiyen
Arranged by Port, Jom, Khoontong (of the band Faiyen)

This song is on Faiyen’s new album บทเพลงของมิตรสหายท่านหนึ่ง ภาค 1 (“Songs from One of Our Comrades, Part 1”), released June 19, 2016, which is available at Bandcamp. CLICK HERE to purchase the album or individual songs.

No translation needed on this one. It’s in English and the Karaoke words are on the video. The man in the video is Opas Chansuksai, 68 years old and in poor health, who got 3 years in prison, reduced to a year and a half, for scribbling some graffiti on a bathroom stall at a shopping mall. He reportedly wrote [in Thai]:

“The comedian government that robbed the nation, led by f**king Prayuth. They have issued ridiculous policies of amature comedians. Their main job is to use the monarchy (The uncle [a censored physical description]). Their main weapon is the Article 112. You [***] I’m sick of seeing your face everyday. It tells me that you are near the end because of the looming internal conflict.”

When he had served most of the time, the authorities threatened to prosecute him for a second message he written on the same day as the first message. The lyrics of this song were written (in English) by Khun Opas from prison.

Hiroshima ฮิโรชิมา

by Nga Caravan

Note: The song “Hiroshima” by Nga Caravan is more than 30 years old. The dropping of the bomb on Hiroshima happened 71 years ago. So why bring it up? As American President Barack Obama said in his speech May 27, 2016, at the Hiroshima Peach Memorial: “We stand here, in the middle of this city, and force ourselves to imagine the moment the bomb fell. We force ourselves to feel the dread of children confused by what they see. We listen to a silent cry. We remember all the innocents killed across the arc of that terrible war, and the wars that came before, and the wars that would follow. Mere words cannot give voice to such suffering, but we have a shared responsibility to look directly into the eye of history and ask what we must do differently to curb such suffering again.”

Smoke floats . . . the sky is red . . . glaring
Black rain . . . a coating . . . of radiation
ร่างกาย…หายวับ กับที่
Bodies vanish with it
Now, in this moment, there is no city, no people

ฮิโรชิมา…ฮา…ฮา…ฮ่า แตกสลาย
Hiroshima . . . ha . . . ha . . ha . . . broken, ruined
หลายแสนคนตาย…ฮา…ฮา ดับสูญ
Many hundreds of thousands die, depart from the world
However many times I’m born . . . it’s still impressed on my heart . . . I remember
The people who did it . . . they aren’t people

Atomic bomb
So many die and are wasted
ไล่มันกระเจิง เปิง…เปิด…ไปให้พ้น
Blasted away in every direction
Peace . . . the land . . . and universally
ชีวิตคน…คน ไม่ใช่ผักไม่ใช่ปลา
The lives of people . . . people . . . not vegtables, not fish!

ฮิโรชิมา…ฮา…ฮา…ฮ่า ฮ่า…ฮา…ฮา
Hiroshima . . . a . . . a-a …a . ..a
ฮิโรชิมา…ฮา…ฮา…ฮ่า ฮ่า…ฮา…ฮา…ฮ่า…ฮา
Hiroshima . . .a … a .. a-a .. . a… a ..a . . .a

Hiroshi . . . ma!

Peace (Santipaap) สันติภาพ by Nga Caravan

By สุรชัย จันทิมาธร Surachai Jantimathawn aka หงา คาราวาน Nga Caravan

Note: Nga Caravan is an early, and extremely important Thai protest singer. He is not currently in the anti-junta fight and probably would not want to be associated with our website. However, he was once so outspoken as a freedom fighter that he had to escape and live in the jungle to evade the dictators of the day. Here is his song “Peace” which speaks for itself.

บ้านเมืองมีความเป็นมา ทุ่งนาภูเขาแม่น้ำ
The country has a history, fields, mountains, rivers
ฝนพรมลมเย็นชื่นฉ่ำ ผู้คนสร้างทำเรื่อยมา
With the rain sprinkling, the air being pleasantly cool and moist. People are always building and doing [things].

สงครามคุกคามทำลาย วอดวายผืนดินแผ่นฟ้า
War threatens to destroy and raze the land and sky
อะตอมมิคบอมบ์ลงมา นิวเคลียร์นิวตรอนรังสี
The atomic bombs come down, with nuclear & neutron radiation.
โอ้ สันติภาพ สัน ติภาพ สัน….ติภาพ
Oh, peace.  Peace.  Pe-eace.

ฝันถึงสันติภาพ อาบให้โลกงดงาม
I am dreaming of peace that bathes the world with beauty.
ความจริงก็คือความจริง ความจริง คนเราฆ่ากัน
[But] truth is truth. The truth is we people kill one another.

บ้านเมืองมีความเป็นมา สังคมตีตราแบ่งชั้น
The country has a history. Society apportions ranks
ให้คนจนรวยสูงต่ำ ขาวดำก่ำเหลืองน้ำตาล
So that people become (classified as) poor and rich, high and low, white and black, yellow, and brown.

เลือดคนมีสีแดงสีเดียว หัวใจ จงมา ประสาน
The blood of people is red, just one color. Hearts should join together
ร่วมกันรักกันมานาน ขับขาน เสียงเพลงสันติ
Come together, love each other for a long time now, and sing a song of peace.

โอ้ สันติภาพ สัน ติภาพ สัน….ติภาพ.. โอ้ สันติภาพ สัน ติภาพ สัน…ติภาพ
Oh, peace. Peace. Pe-eace. Oh Peace. Peace. Pe-eace.
โอ้ สันติภาพ สัน ติภาพ สัน….ติภาพ .. โอ้ สันติภาพ สัน ติภาพ สัน….ติภาพ
Oh Peace. Peace. Pe-eace. Oh Peace. Peace. Pe-eace.
โอ้ สันติภาพ สัน ติภาพ สัน….ติภาพ
Oh Peace. Peace. Pe-eace.

จ้า Ja (Yeah)

by ไฟเย็น Faiyen

Note: On May 6, 2016, Patnaree Chankij, the MOTHER of famous Thai pro-democracy activist Ja New, was accused of lese majesty (insulting royalty) and hauled off to jail for typing “ja” in response to some private messages her son’s friend sent her on facebook. The son’s friend, Burin Intin, had already been arrested for lese majesty for sending the messages, whatever they may be. Beyond the absurdity of jailing people for 3 to 15 years (that is the penalty) for saying something about the Thai King, Queen, or Prince, is the fact that the word Khun Patnaree typed means something like “yeah” or “uh-huh” in English. Sometimes it means “yes,” but it can also just mean “I’m still listening to what you are saying.” So how can typing “ja” be lese majesty? Well, the police told her “ja” proves she heard the comments, and the charge of lese majesty is for FAILING TO CRITICIZE the one who sent the comments! Yes, you can now go to jail in Thailand just for hearing an insult to the King! Khun Patnaree has been released on bail of 500,000 baht, but the charges have not been dropped. Khun Patnaree is a widow with two young children still at home. The drama unfolded over Mother’s Day weekend in the United States.

แค่คำว่าจ้าก็ผิดมาตรา 112
Just the word “yeah” and one is violating Article 112
I want to let fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters,
คนไทยทั้งผอง รับรู้กันทั่ว
and all the Thai people know
that they will put you in jail
Imposing charges, creating a climate of fear
ลุอำนาจ หน้ามืดตามัว
They abuse power blindly and crazily,
But are afraid of criticism.

Just the word “yeah,” [and it] creates problems for life
If they can’t get the child, the mother will be made guilty.
โถ . . . ชีวิตใต้รัฐทหาร
Oh . . . life under the military state
[They’re] afraid the child would create a movement,
so they take the mother as a hostage
Consequently, many international countries condemn
the Royal Army.

Can [we] ask just one question?
ท่านกลัวอะไรจึงต้องใช้ 112
What are you so afraid of that you have to use Article 112?
Or are you so afraid of your downfall that you support the soldiers to stage a coup,
[and] democracy, as a result,
has been suspended for so many years

Just one word, “yeah,” and one breaks the criminal laws of the land
สุดปัญญาอ่อน ใครได้ยิน
So stupid to any one who hears about it,
It’s so disturbing, don’t you realize, Older Brother!
Your law is a sin [as well as bad karma]
It suppresses and harasses lives
ลุกขึ้นเถิด ประชาเสรี
Rise up, free citizens!
ต่อต้านผี 112
Oppose the [evil] spirit 112

*, **

จ้า . . . จ้า
Yeah . . . yeah

We Are Friends Together เราคือเพื่อนกัน

Lyrics and melody by ชูเวช เดชดิษฐรักษ์ and ณัฐพงษ์ ภูแก้ว
Produced by Resistant Citizen

Note: This is a video released by Resistant Citizen in response to the defeat of the “Vote No” Campaign. About 61% of the 54% of the electorate who voted in the August 7, 2016 Referendum approved the the draft constitution written by a junta-selected committee. This constitution lacks solid human rights guarantees and features an appointed Senate that will allow the military to “guide” democracy for at least another 5 years. The constitution is about 300 pages long and no one other than the government was allowed to discuss at anytime leading up to the Referendum. The government summarized the constitution by saying its goal is to end corruption. Recommending a “No vote” or even wearing a “Vote No” T-shirt could get one 10 years in prison under the draconian Referendum Law, and many who attempted to campaign for “Vote No” were thrown in jail. And if this constitution were voted down, the junta was vowing to stay on and write another constitution, creating a depressing, no-win situation. August 8 was a sad day for Thailand’s pro-democracy activites, but most released statements like this one, vowing to fight on.

If you hear the music playing
You must go back and call out the troops
It is the tune of the commoner
Ordinary people like us
If you hear the drums banging
It’s the sound of the masses
Resounding with joined strength of the free people
People under one sky together
The stars still sparkle and shine
Strong and bright in the dark times, in the sky far away
We are have each other’s hearts and are connected
With certain faith fighting until the day we attain victory

เพลงไม่รัก Playng Mai Rak (A ‘Don’t Love’ Song)

Note: Not mentioning any names!! Also check out one of Port Faiyen’s most famous songs, พ่อ Paw (Father).

Those love songs, [we] have tons of people composing them
Those “Don’t Love” songs, [we] have very few people composing them
เพลงรักที่มันลึกซึ้งกินใจ หาฟังได้ในทุกที่
Love songs that are deep and eat at your heart, you can find them everywhere
จะรักข้างเดียว สมหวัง หรือว่าผิดหวัง
[Whether it] be unrequited love, the fulfillment of hopes, or disappointment

Love songs that so many people write to sell
Or the love songs so many write for release
And I’m one person who already has written many love songs.
But today, just once, I’d like to write a “Don’t Love” song.

‘Cause I don’t love a person who they love throughout the country
However much I’m forced to love, it’ll make me NOT love [them] even more
ก็มันคือเผด็จการร้าย วิจารณ์ไม่ได้
Because he’s an evil dictator who can’t be criticized
หากวิจารณ์คงต้องตาย หากไม่ตายก็โดนคดี
If you criticize [him], you might have to die; if you don’t die, well, you will be charged [with something]

ถ้าอยากรู้ว่าคนที่ว่า มันเป็นใคร
If you want to know who I’m talking about
ลองถามเพื่อนดูก็ได้ เขารู้ดี
Go ahead and ask your friends; they know very well
หลอกลวง กดขี่ข่มเหงผู้คน แล้วอ้างตนว่าคนดี
[He] tricks, deceives, and oppresses people, and then calls himself a good person
หากดีจริงๆ ทำไมวิจารณ์ไม่ได้
If he’s actually good, why can’t we criticize [him]?

บ้านป่าเมืองดอน Baan Ba Muang Don (Barbaric Land)

By Resistant Citizen
Released on YouTube December 30, 2016 for the New Year!

Note: Happy New Year from the pro-democracy group Resistant Citizen, who may have lost many battles in 2016 but not their sense of humor. Here we see Thailand compared to North Korea. Their New Year’s message released with video says, in part, “We will pass through the Dark Ages together.” The “Single Gateway” is a National Council for Peace and Order (junta) plan to have all the Internet in Thailand come through a “Single Gateway” supposedly for efficiency, but if it happens it will obviously make it easier for the government to censor the internet, which has to be the true motivation since no other justification makes sense. The “Single Gateway” has been compared to “The Great Firewall of China.”

Our homeland flourishes because it remains in the old style
All of us sniff glue happily
And because of that, we persuade one another to express our joy
The Single Gateway policy oppresses the Thai people
With large shackles enslaving us

Before this we had a gateway that was quite big
บีบไว้ เหลือ ซิงเกิลเถิดเรา
Now (let’s have it) squeezed into merely a “Single”!
บล็อกๆๆ ไม่หวั่นใคร
Block, block, block. They fear no one.
They accuse and arrest anyone they want to.
ก่อนยุคนานกาลก้าว ชาติเราเขาเรียกกะลา
Long before these modern days, they called our nation, “Coconut shell”

The homeland should remain as the old days.
แช่แข็ง . . . เอาไว้ เถิด เมืองไทย
Freeze it, let’s freeze Thailand!
Because all of us are good people
We are proud that all over Thailand we are poor
Wherever you look, there is great poverty

Impoverished, and the people are struggling hard
[while] that dictators are joyfully happy in the cool shade
Being able to do anything they want,
brandishing guns at their rivals/opponents
บัดนี้ไทยดังเช่น เรียกว่าเป็นทาสได้บาทา
Right now Thais are as the so-called “slaves under [someone’s] feet”

All poor across this whole wide area
The Thai nation used to be big in the East
ทุกๆ ชาวเราดมกาวไปใจจงปรีดา
Every one of us, let’s sniff glue so our hearts are delighted
That in this coconut shell
we have bright happiness permanently

Right now Thailand degenerates because of the legends of Satan
The dictatorship seizes our power
They cite “Stability” [as a reason]
And rob us of the flag of democracy
โกงกินจนป่วยไข้ ชาติไทยบ้านป่าเมืองดอน
Consuming until sick. Thailand, a barbaric land

Poverty across this whole wide area
The Thai nation used to be big in the East
ทุกๆ ชาวเราดมกาวไป
Every one of us, let’s sniff glue
So our hearts are delighted that in this coconut shell
we have bright happiness forever

Right now Thailand degenerates because of the legends of Satan
The dictatorship seizes our power
Every one of us must stand straight (at attention)
And salute the flag of democracy
พี่น้อง เรา ยิ่งใหญ่ สร้างไทยบ้านเกิดเมืองนอน
Brother and Sisters, we are great! (Let’s) build our motherland (together).

คืนความสุขให้ประเทศไทย Returning Happiness to Thailand

เนื้อร้อง: พล.อ.ประยุทธ์ จันทร์โอชา Lyrics by Prayut Chan-ocha
6 มิถุนายน 2557 June 6, 2014

Have your barf bags ready. My translation of Prayut Chan-ocha’s “Returning Happiness to Thailand,” theme song of the junta! Translated on the occasion of the arrest of Veera Somkwamkid, former Yellowshirt leader accusing of making fun of the song on facebook! Let us bravely carry on the mission! Or as Prayuth would say, “The fire blazes up each time. Please let me be the one to walk into it!” You MUST CHECK OUT THE SPOOF of this song by Port Faiyen.

วันที่ชาติและองค์ราชา มวลประชาอยู่มาพ้นภัย
Today the nation, the royal one, and all the people are out of danger
ขอดูแลคุ้มครองด้วยใจ นี่คือคำสัญญา
Let [me] look after and protect [you] with love. This is a promise

วันนี้ชาติเผชิญพาลภัย ไฟลุกโชนขึ้นมาทุกครา
Today the nation confronts bullying danger. The fire blazes up each time
ขอเป็นคนที่เดินเข้ามา ไม่อาจให้สายไป
Please let me be the one to walk into it. Don’t let it be too late.

* เพื่อนำรักกลับมา ต้องใช้เวลาเท่าไร
To bring love back, we must use however much time it takes
โปรดจงรอได้ไหม จะข้ามผ่านความบาดหมาง
Please can you wait? We will get past this conflict

เราจะทำอย่างซื่อตรง ขอแค่เธอจงไว้ใจและศรัทธา
We will do things honestly. I only ask that you must have faith and believe
แผ่นดินจะดีในไม่ช้า ขอคืนความสุขให้เธอ ประชาชน
It won’t be long until the country is good. Let [me] return happiness to you, the people

วันนี้ต้องเหน็ดเหนื่อยก็รู้ จะขอสู้กับอันตราย
Today [we] must be tired also know I would like to fight the danger
ชาติทหารไม่ยอมแพ้พ่าย นี่คือคำสัญญา
The county’s soldiers refuse to be defeated [won’t give up]. This is a promise.

วันนี้ชาติเผชิญพาลภัย ไฟลุกโชนขึ้นมาทุกครา
Today the nation confronts bullying danger. The fire blazes up each time

ขอเป็นคนที่เดินเข้ามา ไม่อาจให้สายไป
Please let me be the one to walk into it. Don’t let it be too late.
(*, **)

แผ่นดินจะดีในไม่ช้า ความสุขจะคืนมา… ประเทศไทย
It won’t be long until the country is good. Happiness will return . . . Thailand!

จงภูมิใจ (Jong Poomjai) Be Proud!

By ชัยภูมิ ป่าแส Chaiyphoom Pasea

Note: Chaiyaphoom Pasae was a stateless hilltribe boy, of Lahu ethnicity, born in Thailand but not actually a Thai citizen, as is the case with many of the hilltribe people. Chaiyaphoom was shot dead by a soldier last month at a military checkpoint. The military claimed that they had found drugs hidden in the car in which he was a passenger, that Chaiyaphoom had run from them and when they pursued, he had pulled out a hand grenade to throw at them. Chaiyaphoom’s many friends immediately began to shout that this was impossible. It turns out was not just any hilltribe boy, he was a famous community activist, singer, and short film maker. People knew his positive songs, which advised even if you are stateless, there is still much you can do for society. His short films had been seen on Thai PBS. Even the most conservative Thai newspapers were scandalized. The story announcing Chaiyaphoom’s death in The Nation used a picture of him wearing a T-shirt with a dove on it that said “Peace.” Voice TV then aired an investigative report interviewing witnesses to who stated they had seen Chaiyaphoom being severely beaten by the soldiers, and that he ran from them to escape the beating, and that’s when he was shot. In response to these new reports, the junta, banned Voice TV channel from the air for one week for biased reporting. Multiple surveillance cameras had caught footage of the incident but the government said it would not release the footage. They had to “check it first.”

ขอให้เธออย่ายอมแพ้ อย่าท้อใจในสิ่งที่เราเป็น
Please don’t be discouraged about what we are
ขอให้เธอจงมั่นใจ จงภูมิใจในสิ่งที่มี
I want you to be confident. Be proud of the things you have
แม้ว่าเราจะเกิด ชายแดน อยู่บนดอยตามป่าตามเขา
Even if we are born on the frontier, living on a hill in the forest mountains
แม้ว่าเราไม่มีสัญชาติ แต่เรา ก็ยังมีลมหายใจ
Even if we don’t have nationality, we still have breath

**คนไร้สัญชาติ ไม่ใช่คนที่ไร้ตัวตน คนไร้สัญชาติ ไม่ใช่คนที่ไร้โอกาส
People without a nationality aren’t people without their own bodies. People without a nationality aren’t people without opportunity.
ถึงไม่มีสัญชาติ แต่เราก็ยังมีลมหายใจ มีชีวิต มีความฝันเป็นเหมือนกัน
Even if [you] don’t have a nationality, [you] still have breath, life, and dreams, just like others.

แม้เรา นั้นมันไม่มีสัญชาติ แต่เราก็มีโอกาส ดีๆมากมาย ที่เรา ได้ไปร่วมงาน
Even if those of us, there, don’t have nationality, we have many good opportunities to work together
ได้ทำอะไรเพื่อสังคม ได้พบเจอกับผู้คนมากมาย ได้เห็นในสิ่งที่เหมือนกัน
We can do something for society. We can meet with lots of other people and see things we have in common
และมีโอกาสดีๆมากมาย ได้เดินบน เส้นทางที่เหมือนกัน
And we have many good opportunities to walk along the same path

**คนไร้สัญชาติ ไม่ใช่คนที่ไร้ตัวตน คนไร้สัญชาติ ไม่ใช่คนที่ไร้โอกาส
People without a nationality aren’t people without their own bodies. People without a nationality aren’t people without opportunity.
ถึงไม่มีสัญชาติ แต่เราก็ยังมีลมหายใจ มีชีวิต มีความฝันเป็นเหมือนกัน
Even if [you] don’t have a nationality, [you] still have breath, life, and dreams, just like others.

**คนไร้สัญชาติ ไม่ใช่คนที่ไร้ตัวตน คนไร้สัญชาติ ไม่ใช่คนที่ไร้โอกาส
People without a nationality aren’t people without their own bodies. People without a nationality aren’t people without opportunity.
ถึงไม่มีสัญชาติ แต่เราก็ยังมีลมหายใจ มีชีวิต มีความฝันเป็นเหมือนกัน
Even if [you] don’t have a nationality, [you] still have breath, life, and dreams, just like others.

แม้เราไม่มีสัญชาติ แต่เราก็ยังมีชีวิตจงภูมิใจเถิดหนา ในสิ่งที่เราเป็น
Even if we don’t have a nationality, we still have life and should be proud of what we are!
จงมั่นใจ และจงก้าวไป ให้เธอมั่นใจ และจงก้าวไป
Be confident! And walk on! I want you to be confident! Walk on!

คืนประชาธิปไตยให้ประชาชน Keun Bprachatibpadtai Hai Prachachon (Return Democracy to the People!)

Lyrics: พอร์ท ไฟเย็น Port Faiyen
Music: From the song คืนความสุขให้ประเทศไทย “Returning Happiness to Thailand”
This song is a bonus track on the album “Songs from One of Our Comrades, Part 1” บทเพลงของมิตรสหายท่านหนึ่ง ภาค 1, released June 19, 2016, CLICK HERE to PURCHASE THE WHOLE ALBUM
There is also a rhyming English-language version of this song.

Note: Thailand’s current military dictator, Prayuth Chano-o-cha, immediately after overthrowing the elected government of Yingluck Shinawatra in May 2014, famously penned the song “Returning Happiness to Thailand,” which was released as part of the pro-junta propaganda campaign that included dancing girls dressed in soldier uniforms. “Return Democracy to the People!” is a spoof of Dictator Prayuth’s “Returning Happiness to Thailand.” It’s pretty funny to hear Port Faiyen sing back to Prayuth in the same bland, rapturous pop style of the original: “If you want to increase happiness, you should instantly leave.” Also, you should see the video Returning Happiness to Thailand”: right now, before the censors find we are making fun of it and it is blocked. It is hard to find the original of this song on the Internet. The reason the government pulled it was probably that so many foreign news outlets thought it was funny and tried to link to it as part of their reporting on Thailand’s coup.

วันที่คณะราษฎรเข้ามา เปลี่ยนการปกครองเป็นประชาธิปไตย
The day Khana Ratsadon [the People’s Party]* came out and changed the administration to be democracy,
ก่อร่างสร้างกันขึ้นมาแทบตาย สุดท้ายโดนแย่งชิง
Building up [democracy] together so high. In the end it is snatched away
รัฐประหารเป็นสิบๆครั้ง ประชาธิปไตยห่างไปทุกที
More than 10 coups. Democracy is distanced from us every time.
สิทธิปวงชนโดนย่ำยี เพื่อความมั่นคงของใคร
The rights of all the people are ravaged for the stability of who?

Then today all of you return
To plunder the power of the people using guns and tanks

* ล้มประชาธิปไตย ใช้อำนาจเผด็จการ
Bringing down democracy, Using the power of dictatorship
มุ่งแต่ทำรัฐประหาร อ้างองค์ราชา
Aiming only to have a coup citing royalty
ไม่เคยมีความซื่อตรง ไม่ยึดมั่นในกฎเกณฑ์กติกา
Never having honesty. Not adhering to the rules and regulations
หยุดการกระทำเสียดีกว่า ถ้าจะคืนความสุขก็จงออกไปเสียที
Stop these bad acts; that would be better. If you want to increase happiness, you should instantly leave

คนที่เขาไม่ยอมจำนน พร้อมสู้ทนเสี่ยงอันตราย
People who are unwilling to surrender set out to endure the risk together
ประชาธิปไตยไม่แพ้พ่าย สักวันจักโค่นเผด็จการ
Democracy will not be defeated. Someday we’ll overthrow dictatorship
ประเทศนี้เป็นของทุกคน ไม่ใช่ของกลุ่มคนบางคน
This country is that of everybody, not belonging to some groups of people.
อำนาจต้องเป็นของปวงชน เป็นคนที่เลือกผู้แทนฯ
Power must belong to the all the people — the people who chose representatives

เลิกข่มเหงสิทธิเสรีได้ไหม คืนประชาธิปไตยให้ประชาชนสักที
Can you [just] stop persecuting freedom?!!! Restore democracy for the people immediately!